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Follow up advice from the user group

Entry posted 03/05/11 by HeywardDrummond
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Follow up advice from the user group


I sensed a great interest in the video options I presented this week at the meeting. Video is a hot topic all around.  YouTube and all the various ways to record and publish video have made this all much easier.  Video is attractive to people because it affects the brain differently than say a presentation.  It adds an artistic and an entertainment effect to your meeting when you add video content.  With the explosion of YouTube video most of which is based on Adobe Flash technology, Adobe Connect is perfectly suited to stream any video you have to attendees.  Video is great for elearning, emergency preparedness (COOP), telework, tele-maintenance, and tele-medicine.  

If you want to share video in Connect you have the option of uploading any .FLV or .SWF file using the Share Document pod.  If you want to share MPEG type video, that will be coming soon.  If you want to share YouTube video you have several cool options.  One is you use a handy tool called Sothink SWF Catcher which is a Firefox plug-in that can capture any FLV/SWF video and download it.  Once you download it you can convert it using various tools like Adobe's CS5 SUite or use Sorenson Squeeze to reduce the size or stream size to 250k to 400k video stream.  That is ideal for Adobe Connect.  You then upload that video into the share pod.  The other method is to download the excellent pod called TalkingStick by RefinedData. They just released their version for Connect 8 and I suggest you talk to them about it. It is found in the Adobe Connect Exchange.  TalkingStick can stream HD video at 4x3 and 16x9 format, .MOV video, YouTube video, MP3 audio, various cameras including IP cameras and remote cameras with remote tilt/zoom/span controls right in the pod. They have a ton of other features I suggest you explore.

Remember, Adobe Connect is unique in the web conferencing market because it is built on top of the superb Adobe Flash Platform.  Streaming video is just a native function that Connect can easily handle.  Video is strategically important these days and Adobe Connect enables video streaming like no one else in the web conference market.

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